Bamboo Plant Sizes

Mail order sizes are 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3 gallon and 5 gallon plants ranging from 1′-8′ tall measured from the bottom of the root ball. Any of our larger sizes must be delivered via motor freight. Our plants are carefully stabilized for no less than 30 days prior to shipping and carry a 30-day warranty free of charge. Be careful of nurseries who dig and ship plants without time to containerize or stabilize the bamboo. This usually has very poor results. We ship plants from our stabilized inventory and do not dig to order.

What is a nursery gallon size?

A fluid gallon and a nursery container gallon are very different. This is an industry-standard, you should expect sizes similar to what is displayed below. Most retailers use inches, nurseries use gallon sizes.

Container Size Width Height
#1 (1 Gallon)  6 1/2″ inch 7.5″ inch
#2 (2 Gallon) 8 3/4″ inch 8.5″ inch
#3 (3 Gallon) 11″ inch 9.75″ inch
#5 (5 Gallon) 11.87″ inch 11″ inch


Since bamboo is a colony plant, more roots equate to more potential energy for new growth. The larger the size, the larger the colony. Typically our sizes have a difference of 1 year of growth apart. For example, a 1 gallon size will take 2 full growing seasons before attaining a 3 gallon size.

How many canes does each plant have?

We will give you the best plants we have available. These are natural plants and no plant looks alike. Minimum cane count can vary depending on the time of year, however, one cane will measure to the specified height. Some plants will only have 1 cane, some may have several. It’s important to remember you are purchasing a part of a colony and your own full colony will grow in time.

How many plants do I need?

When choosing how many divisions to plant it is a cost vs time consideration. Recommended planting for screening applications are one bamboo every 3 to 5 linear feet. Under normal growing conditions, the screen should fill in 3-5 years. The larger your initial bamboo, the taller your screen will be during this time period. You cannot over plant bamboo. If an immediate impact is desired, you can plant them in closer proximity, even touching. You can also plant less, it will just take a longer duration to get the desired effect. Learning how bamboo grows will help you determine how many you need and what to expect from planting.

Shipping and Guarantee

Lewis Bamboo ships 5 days per week, year round. Each plant is carefully wrapped and boxed with our unique packaging method. We have used this technique since 1995 and had great success with delivering healthy bamboo nationwide ever since. Our 1 gallons are shipped 3 per box, 2 gallons fit 2-4 per box, and 3 gallons are shipped individually. Our plants are fixed to the box so they can endure being upside down in transit. For our typical transit times, visit Delivery Times.

We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and offer a 30-day warranty with all plants. Within this time any damage incurred during shipping will be visible. To execute a warranty claim just send us pictures of the plants and we will promptly send replacements. Our full policy is available on our policy page. For a cost of $9.99 per plant we also offer a 2 year extended warranty as well, available on the product page under “Add-ons”.

  • Black Bamboo

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    Regular price From $69 + free shipping
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    Thick Black Bamboo Culms Phyllostachys nigracloseup of the shiny black bamboo canes
  • Red Margin Bamboo

    36 total reviews

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    Red Margin BambooRed Margin in planter. dense, tall screen.
  • Bissetii

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    Four of our 3 gallon red margin bamboo, roughly 7 feet tall and full of vibrant foliage.Large, tall, dense screen of bissetii grove.
  • Biochar Fertilizer 18-5-12

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    10lb Bag of Biochar Fertilizer by Lewis BambooTime release fertilizer with added biochar for additional nutrient retention
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