Policy of Lewis Bamboo, Inc.

We attempt to make each customer happy with our bamboo. We ship 5 days a week and guarantee your bamboo to arrive healthy will a moist root ball. If you are unhappy with the mail order bamboo when they arrive or within our 30 day warranty period please contact us. We will be happy to work out a solution. Proof of damaged plant during shipment in most cases can be done by sending us a photo via email.
We wish we could warranty your bamboo forever, but that is just not practical. If for some reason there is a problem, this can be identified as soon as you unpack the bamboo. We do give you up to 30 days to decide if you are unhappy for any reason.

As with any living plant, there can be many factors that will cause the bamboo to perform poorly. Bamboo is an extremely tough grass, however, we can not guarantee specific results due to factors beyond our control. Improper planting, poor drainage, and poor soil are examples which can cause plant failure. Weather is always a factor beyond our control as is poor maintenance of the bamboo planting. With a little care your new bamboo will do great and is much easier to grow than trees, shrubs and flowers.

1. Bamboo Placement

Lewis Bamboo, Inc. accepts no responsibility as to the use or placement of bamboo in the landscape.

Bamboo can be very unpredictable as to growth and spreading even when instructions or recommendations are followed. It is important to know this and understand before use of this product. Customer admits that he/she understands the problems of spreading for bamboo and understands recommendations for growing bamboo. The customer also understands that it is their responsibility to be aware and abide by any local, state or other laws and rules governing the use of bamboo. The customer accepts responsibility for use/misuse of the product.

2. Mail Orders

The buyer has 48 hours, prior to our shipping date, to cancel any order without incurring a restocking or packaging fee. We reserve the right to charge a fee for the time and work involved in changing or canceling an order during the 48 hours prior to ship out date.  If it is a small order, this is usually no problem or charge, but we do reserve the right and option. These fees can be up to 20% of the order cost.

If the buyer cancels after the package has left our facility and is in transit, there may be additional charges above and beyond the 20% restocking fee equal to $13.40 or less per package.

If the buyer requires an address change after the order has left our facility, a $5 charge per package will be charged.

Returns not covered under Warranty (section 6) are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Return shipping is the buyer’s responsibility.

3. Custom Dug and Large Plant Orders

A 20% deposit is required on the large field specimen divisions and custom dig orders. These orders not picked up 30 days beyond the agreed pickup date will be stocked and sold. Any amount paid above the 20% deposit for digging custom orders will be refunded to the customer.
Payment terms: remainder due before delivery unless other arrangements have been established.
Replacement divisions on large divisions must be picked up at Lewis Bamboo. Mail order plants totaling the same amount of money can be substituted for replacements.


All quotes are good for 7 working days. Beyond that 7 days, factors can change that will influence the total cost. After 7 days, we will be happy to review the quote and figure a new one based on current cost and inventory at that time.

5. Privacy Policy

Lewis Bamboo, Inc. will always try to protect your confidentiality. We do not sell or broker any of your account information to a third party.  We do not maintain your credit card information on our local system. Zip code of your shipping address may be used for statistical data. We will never share your full address.

6. Plant Warranty

If your plants fail to meet our posted specifications or are not healthy when they arrive, we will work our a solution, such as replacement, refund, or return. This must be done within 30 days from the date of delivery.

    1. Proof of claim must be provided via good quality pictures, sent to info@lewisbamboo.com
    2. Warranty does not include healthy plants that fall within our posted specifications here. There are also guidelines on plant size in the photo gallery of all plant listings.
    3. Replacement plant on wholesale sizes must be picked up at our location or we can replace with mail order sizes of equal value.

7. Two Year Extended Warranty

We offer a paid extended warranty on all of our bamboo. While our included 30 day warranty is long enough to insure you received a healthy plant, this extended warranty will insure you have a successful planting. If your bamboo planting dies within this time we will refund 100% of the plant cost in the form of a replacement plant, store credit, or refund.

a. We guarantee plant health and or production of new shoots.
b. Photo proof is required for all warranty claims. These can be emailed to us via the contact page.
c. Damage to foliage is not covered as bamboo produces new foliage every year.
d. Customer will be responsible for shipping costs on replacements.
e. The cost of shipping will be deducted from any refunds, this includes when you qualified for “free shipping”. Our cost of shipping will still be deducted.

8. Refusal of Service, Company Rights

Lewis Bamboo Inc. reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or suspend service at our sole discretion. We enforce this policy to deny service to customers demonstrating illegal activities, hostilities, product misuse, failure to comply with our company policy or an unwillingness to work in a positive fashion.

We will do our best to satisfy you and wish to make your bamboo purchase an enjoyable one.