Collection: Large Wholesale Sizes (Freight Shipping)

For customers who need a bamboo screen yesterday, our larger sizes are exactly what you need. Browse our selection of large bamboo sizes and give your project a massive kick-start. Starting with taller bamboo can reduce the timeline to maturity by several years.
  • Larger bamboo plants are ideal for customers wanting an immediate screen or impact in their landscape.
  • These large sizes range between 6' to 25' feet tall. Typical mail order sizes are 2' to 5' tall.
  • Unlike mail order sizes, these plants do not include free shipping.
  • Minimum order quantities are require for these sizes.
  • For questions or inquiries please call 1-877-RZN-CANE or email
3 products
  • 6'-10' Feet Tall Bamboo (3 Gallon)
    $79.00 - $94.00
  • 10'-15' Feet Tall Bamboo (15 Gallon)
    Bissetii 15-gallon (10' to 1
  • 15'-25' Feet Tall Bamboo (30 Gallon)