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  • Upclose image of Albostriata. Green foliage with light yellow variegation.
  • Nursery gallon container of Albostriata.
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Lewis Bamboo

Sinobambusa tootsik "Albostriata"

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  • Scientific Name: Sonbambusa Tootsik 'Albostriata'
  • Sunlight: Sun to Shade
  • Maximum Height: 30 feet
  • Maximum Diameter: 1.5 inch
  • Minimum Temperature: 10 °F

  • Fast spreading
  • Great for keeping indoors
  • Striking colors
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Characteristics of Sonbambusa Tootsik 'Albostriata'

A stunning bamboo with variegated leaves of light butter yellow with green stripes. Partly shaded areas will give the best coloring.

Sinobambusa tootsik ‘Albostriata’ Bamboo' is an incredibly attractive bamboo with variegated leaves of buttery yellow with green stripes. As summer progresses the leaves turn golden while still retaining the green stripes. Most canes will retain a deep green color, while some will change to a creamy cappuccino color.

Bamboo in its natural setting is free to roam finding just the right sunlight and soil nutrients to grow to its mature species size. Albostriata Bamboo is edible species and can be grown in a container or in-ground in climates 8b+. In the best setting, it has a maximum height of 30’ but typically retains a height of around 20’ in zones 8b.