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  • Bamboo grove of silverstripe. clumping. bright green foliage.
  • Silverstripe foliage
  • planting distance on screening bamboo
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Lewis Bamboo

Silver Stripe

  • Scientific Name: Bambusa multiplex 'silverstripe'
  • Sunlight: Sun to Shade
  • Maximum Height: 25 feet
  • Maximum Diameter: 1.5 inch
  • Minimum Temperature: 18 °F

  • Striking variegation
  • Largest of the multiplex tropical variety
  • Minimal spreading
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Characteristics of Bambusa multiplex 'silverstripe'

Silver stripe is the tallest and most cold-tolerant of the multiplex species. As this species is a tropical clumping bamboo, it’s reserved for climate zones 8b+, or indoor use with 6+hours of daily sunlight.

Distinguished from the other multiplex bamboos by beautiful, variegated foliage and occasional silver stripe in the culm. The variegation in the leaves is very dynamic, and some present almost entirely white or fully green and every combination of the two. The summer sun will eventually turn the foliage completely green, until the next spring cycle. 

All of the multiplex cultivars make fabulous or screening hedge bamboos because of the dense growth & foliage. As a clumping bamboo, the spread is also minimal, but the V-shaped growth associated with non-spreading bamboos still allows for terrific screening.

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