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  • Rectangle Corten Steel Planter
  • Bamboo Planter Box 14x14x48 inch
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Lewis Bamboo

Modern Steel Planter Box

  • Attractive - Suitable for many different plants and decor.
  • No Assembly Required - Ships fully welded and ready for use.
  • Effective Design - Drainage slots instead of conventional drain holes prevent escaping roots.
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  • Handmade from 14-Gauge COR-TEN steel
  • Virtually weather-proof and nearly indestructible
  • Durable, long-lasting, and beautiful

Imagine… a planter that could very likely last a lifetime! At 4-feet long, this COR-TEN steel long rectangular planter is so much more than just a steel planter box. It’s an attractive, durable, planter made of the one longest-lasting metals available.

You might be thinking you can find long outdoor planters anywhere. But what you won’t generally find is one that is virtually indestructible, weather-proof, and beautiful to look at—enhancing nearly any and all aesthetic and functional design.

Even better? The edges of this planter are rolled and there are slots cut into the sides, preventing bamboo rhizomes from escaping but still allowing adequate drainage. Want a different look? Set the planter on riser or blocks to achieve a modern floating appearance.

How many bamboo plants do you need?

For full initial appearance, we recommend planting 4 of our 3-Gallon plants or 6 of our 2-Gallon plants.
For medium initial appearance, we recommend planting 2 of our 3-Gallon plants or 3 of our 2-Gallon plants.
For a budget-friendly start, we recommend planting 1 of our 3-Gallon plants or 2 of our 2-Gallon plants.

Bamboo does not have to be spaced out. The more plants you put in initially, the greater your screening impact. 

Bamboo can typically be grown in most containers for 3-7 years, depending upon the container, plant(s) selection, and growing conditions. Bamboo eventually overpopulates the planting space and the planter cannot provide enough nutrients.

At this point in the growing cycle, it is best to divide the bamboo, removing 33-50% of the existing plant. The removed bamboo can be used to grow an additional container or planting. Once this portion has been removed, the space should be replenished with fresh soil. Now the bamboo will be happy for many additional years.

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