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  • Kumazasa is a typical plants in Japanese winter.
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Kuma-Zasa Bamboo

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  • Scientific Name: Sasa veitchii 'Kumu-Zasa'
  • Sunlight: Shade
  • Maximum Height: 5 feet
  • Maximum Diameter: 0.5 inch
  • Minimum Temperature: 5 °F
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Characteristics of Sasa veitchii 'Kumu-Zasa'

A shrub bamboo with leaves that emerge green and gets a frosted margin during the fall.  A very unique bamboo that is widely used by gardeners.

Sasa Veitchii 'Kuma-Zasa Bamboo' is considered a shrub bamboo and the foliage of this one is its lure. Leaves emerge green and get a frosted margin during the fall while the rest of the leaf stays green. A very unique bamboo.

From southwest Honshu, Japan this species is widely used in gardens now. Its winter foliage is breathtaking.

'Kuma-Zasa Bamboo' grows to a height of 5 feet at maturity. As an understory plant, it does very well because it loves to be in a partly shaded area. It can handle a lot of moisture.

A very difficult species to dig successfully so the labor involved keeps the price high on this little bamboo.