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Lewis Bamboo

Green Stripe Vivax

  • Scientific Name: Phyllostachys Vivax 'Aureocaulis'
  • Sunlight: Sun to Shade
  • Maximum Height: 70 feet
  • Maximum Diameter: 5 inch
  • Minimum Temperature: 5 °F
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Characteristics of Phyllostachys Vivax 'Aureocaulis'

A very rare striking giant bamboo with beautiful golden canes bearing bright green stripes. The varying widths of the green stripes make this bamboo very distinctive.

Phyllostachys Vivax 'Aureocaulis' (Green Stripe Vivax) is a rare collector species and a fairly recent introduction in U.S. 'Giant Stripe Vivax' has striking giant bright yellow canes, with occasional dark green stripes. The varying widths of the green stripes make this bamboo very distinctive. Some canes will have multiple stripes and some will have very few. Even those with few stripes have beautiful buttery coloration. The oral setae and auricles are absent from the culm sheaths. There is also white pinstriping on many of the green leaves.

In USDA Climate Zone 7 expect mature size canes to be over 60+ feet in height.

In USDA Climate Zone 6 expect mature size canes to be 30+ feet in height.

As always with giant timber species, 'Green Stripe Vivax' is difficult to produce small 2 and 3 gallon sizes. That is why availability is very limited.

Timber bamboos are truly giants towering in the sky. These giant timber bamboos will reach their full maturity in warm climate zones. This species does good in colder climate zones and will still reach large diameter sizes. It puts up new shoots or canes later than most species allowing it to thrive in colder areas of our country.

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