Our Company

Our family owned and operated nursery dedicated solely to the production of bamboo. Recognized as one of the top producers of bamboo in North America due to our proprietary propagating and growing techniques. We grow over 150 species of bamboo on our 60 acre waterfront nursery.

Growing bamboo at the current nursery site since 1985, Roger Sr. and Gayle Lewis operated the very first Alabama Bamboo Nursery with a web site in 1995 under the name Wolf Creek Bamboo. It was named after the river the nursery was established on. The business quickly expanded and was renamed Lewis Bamboo Groves.

Lewis Bamboo Groves grew rapidly and in October 2003 the nursery incorporated under the direction of Roger Jr. as Lewis Bamboo Inc.

About Lewis Bamboo

On a mission to provide great plants and support with a dedicated team focused on the customer.

  • 20 Years In Business

  • 250,000+ Plants Sold

  • Shipped to over 15,000 Locations

  • 18 Shovels Broken

  • Gayle and Roger Lewis, Sr in front of a bamboo grove.


    Roger Sr. and Gayle Lewis founded this bamboo company out of their love for bamboo. They have the great pleasure to form a business from a life passion, growing bamboo.
    “Much has happened over the years and we have proudly passed our love of bamboo to our one and only child. Now the time has come for us to step back from the labor intensive nursery business. Our company grew from simple honest principals. As time passed, we have found the importance of simplicity and God.
    We continue to live by these standards and have greatly simplified our lives. We now enjoy our lovely grand daughter Harper. Now, we can enjoy the fruits of our many years of hard work.”

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Roger, Jr. is the current CEO of Lewis Bamboo. He attained a BS in management from the University of Alabama where he was lucky enough to graduate with honors. Later, He was blessed to be able to leave the corporate grind in 2000 and help with the growing family business. In 2003, Lewis Bamboo incorporated under his direction allowing Gayle and Roger Sr. to start easing into retirement. Lewis Bamboo is still operated as a family oriented business in which spouses work, friends are employed and the next generation eagerly learns the tricks of the bamboo trade. We welcome you to become part of our bamboo family.

  • Chief Communications Officer

    Along with being a great wife and mother, Rachel is in charge of making sure that the customer is happy and satisfied with our service. When you contact Lewis Bamboo, you will more often than not have the opportunity to speak directly with her. Having her on the front line of customer support allows us to take swift action in the resolution of any problems. She started working full time for Lewis bamboo in 2006. Her knowledge of bamboo is a great asset for customers needing phone consultations.

  • Operations Manager

    After experiences running retail locations, production facilities, and garden centers, we were able to steal Denny from them in 2007. Denny was not a stranger before this point either. Denny and Roger grew up together and have been great friends. We are very lucky to be able to hire our friends and even luckier that they have the expertise and experiences need to add value to our company.

  • President

    Daniel is our green card employee, originally from England. He has a broad range of technical expertise, crucial for the digital world in which our business operates. Daniel has helped fuel our growth and maintain strength in this rapidly evolving economy from digital marketing, internal production systems, and customer fulfillment.