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Biochar is agricultural charcoal with a high surface area per unit of volume and low residual resins to contribute to better soil and growing conditions for plants. Biochar occurs from the heating of biomass at extremely high temperatures in a no or low oxygen conditions. This results in a material that is highly porous and allows for long term nutrient and water holding capabilities. Biochar assists in bioremediation of soil by allowing proper absorption rate of fertilizers and organics. In addition, it helps prevent leaching and runoff. Biochar elemental state allows it to persist in soils for years with little biological decay. Once added to the soil, it acts as a catalyst to enhance the plant’s ability to absorb or retain nutrients and water. Biochar also fosters the development of beneficial microorganisms. The greatest gain in plant productivity occurs when added to low PH or acidic soils. It is a great way to store and utilize carbon to assist in plant development. A recent study on our biochar by the University of Georgia demonstrated the biochar had a water holding capacity of up to 158.4% (meaning 1.584 kg-water held by 1.0 kg-dry biochar).