Ford explores joining other car companies in using bamboo

As car companies battle for sustainability models many manufactures are looking at bamboo to replace wood, plastic, and fiberglass in their cars. Ford is exploring adding bamboo to the interior of their cars. While this may be long down the road for ford, companies such as Mercedes, Lexus, BMW and Rolls-Royce already have models with bamboo interiors. Mercedes has a bamboo interior trim upgrade in their 2017 SL550 Roadster. Lexus offered a bamboo trim option in the 2013 Lexus GS as well. We believe this trend will continue.

Bamboo is extremely strong and with the right techniques can rival steel in strength. It’s entirely possible the body of your cars will be made from bamboo some day. While trim accent pieces are nice, using a more sustainable material like bamboo for the rest of the car could prove beneficial.

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