Bamboo Pictures

A customer sent us a beautiful picture of the Giant Gray bamboo in his back yard. It's providing them a great privacy screen and will continue to improve as time goes on.

One of our great customers in New York planted these spring 2016, he started with 4 of the 3 gallon size in some beautiful planters at his condo.

After just a year and a half the 4 plants easily quadrupled in volume. Next spring they will get taller and provide even more screening.

This customer wanted to gain back privacy in their yard by planting a bamboo privacy screen. As you will see in the next picture, bamboo can completely transform a view, even before it has had a chance to grow.

Now the bamboo plants and shield are in place, the customer can enjoy their new privacy and live worry free since the bamboo is contained.

One of our customers chose bamboo to give privacy to his pool area from overlooking neighbors. While this install does not give much of an initial impact, after just one year the results are impressive.

After one year the house behind the pool is almost invisible. Next year you will likely not see the house at all.

Another angle of the privacy screen. Even less visibility of the house behind.

One of our customers in New York installed a beautiful long planter with just 6 of our 2 gallon Bissetii.

In just one year these 6 small plants have filled this huge container. Already providing plenty of privacy and only more will come in the future. This is a great cold hardy species that can withstand blistering temperatures.

Bamboo was installed on top of this retaining wall to provide privacy for a beautiful backyard and pool area.

After just three years of growth, the bamboo has formed a thick wall and provided total privacy for this backyard.

This is one of my old houses. Three gallon size plants were planted 5 feet apart along the fence line. This picture is after 4 years.

The species is Phyllostachys nigra 'Henon' Giant Gray. It makes a great privacy screen and can screen up to 35+ feet high. This house backs up to a main neighborhood entrance with houses on higher ground across the road. After 3 years of growth, privacy was no longer an issue.

Below is a beautiful screen made with Phyllostachys Aureosulcata 'Spectabilis'. It has a bright green foliage, and a yellow cane with vibrant green stripes. A great choice for any privacy screen.

With many many containers this customer created a very cool effect using our bamboo in these rustic planters.

This is an example of a mature privacy screen. This screen is over 5 years old and provides complete privacy.

Before the plants are installed they must be unloaded from the truck. This picture shows the Giant Gray Bamboo laying down.

This is solely installation of large plants without any years of growth. Next year's new bamboo growth should bring total privacy with these size plants installed this close to each other. The species chosen was Phyllostachys Nigra 'Giant Grey'.

This is how it appears after one year of proper care.

Moso is our favorite giant. It produces thick vibrant foliage and colossal new shoots. While it takes some time to get established, it's worth the wait. The new shoots are a great source for food.