Bamboo Shield Installation

Bamboo Shield keeps new bamboo from invading. After installed, simply cut or mow new growth until remaining energy is exhausted. Here is the process:

Barrier Installation Key points to remember:

  • Shiny side of the barrier goes towards the bamboo.
  • Slightly angle barrier where the bottom is closer to the bamboo.
  • A minimum of 2” should be left exposed above the soil level.
  • Remember to always know what is underneath you before digging and use caution.

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Step 1: Remove unwanted canes
Remove any bamboo that is outside of the desired control area. Bamboo is hollow and this can be done with most any medium duty saw or larger.

Step 2a: Dig Trench with Shovel
A small trench is dug in which the barrier is placed. It does not have to be wide, just deep enough for the material. If 24” barrier is used, dig 22” deep. If 30” barrier is used, dig 28” deep. If 36” barrier is used, dig 34” deep. Dig the trench along the desired control area.

Step 2b: Dig Trench by Machine
Renting a trencher will make the job easier if the area is accessible. Make sure that the trencher goes deep enough for your selected barrier.

Step 3: Install Bamboo Shield
Place the barrier into the dug trench with 2” exposed above grade. Angle barrier slightly away from bamboo and fill dirt back into the trench.

After Installation
After barrier installation, you may notice shoots emerging on the other side. These are shoots being produced from the stored energy in the separated roots. Cut them down when they are young. Since they are cut off from the bamboo colony by the barrier, the residual roots will quickly exhaust their energy and die.