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Turtle Back Zoo

Today, we made our second delivery to the Turtle Back Zoo in East Orange, New Jersey. The exhibit is nearing completion and looking very impressive. The Zoo decided on a wide variety of species, some of them include: Black Bamboo, Giant Gray, Giant Leaf, Latifolius, and Green Onion Bamboo.

The bamboo was for the White-Handed Gibbon exhibit. There is an inside and outside habitat for the unique animals. The Gibbons have a very large outside play area that allows them to climb and swing, even on the bamboo. This is one of the reason they needed large bamboo to start with. Bamboo was used extensively in this exhibit to create a tropical and lush feeling. There was also Reeve’s Mutjac brought in to compliment the Gibbon exhibit. The mutjac have a bamboo house and are very elusive creatures, at least early in the morning.

It was a pleasure to get to work with the Zoo and the Shauger Group on this project. Here are some pictures we took while we were there.

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