Catalyst Fertilizer + Biochar 7-6-6

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N-P-K of 7-6-6
Calcium at 5%

All purpose natural fertilizer with the addition of bamboo biochar. Catalyst is derived from fish meal, specifically catfish. Catfish is a excellent source of natural nitrogen and our process allows maxium nutritional retention. The bamboo biochar makes it perfect for areas with drainage issues.

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For better nutrient retention please use Catalyst with bamboo biochar. Biochar essentially acts like a sponge in the soil allowing time for proper nutrients and water absorption for plants. Bamboo is a natural composite material comprising cellulose fibers embedded in a lignin matrix. It is this open matrix that yields itself so well to biochar.  This can help with drainage as well. Bamboo biochar can hold 158% of its weight in volume! Biochar works like a sponge in the soil making water and nutrients available at a rate excellent for plant absorption.

6.91% Nitrogen – 5.74% Phosphorus – 5.74% Potassium

This fertilizer has many other micro-nutrients available for plant health. It even contains calcium at 5% to build healthy cell walls and membranes which protect against heat stress and plant diseases. The high calcium content is a great way to help prevent die back in younger foliage and avoid blossom end rot and bitter pit in fruits. Calcium is also crucial in the metabolic processes of other nutrients uptake by the plant.

This natural fertilizer also benefits the plant and soils with micro-organism and beneficial bacteria. The natural approach serves as a soil conditioner to maintain healthy soil. Synthetic fertilizers tend to deplete organic material, micro-organisms and bacteria in the soil. Once depleted, the soil health and water holding abilities decline. Our natural fertilizer increase these crucial elements resulting in healthy, vigorous plants. The addition of bamboo biochar is a great way to help recover soils that have been exposed to synthetics fertilizer. It serves as a quick soil conditioner and remediation program.

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1 review for Catalyst Fertilizer + Biochar 7-6-6

  1. 4 out of 5

    No scoop for measurement purposes.
    Probable best when planting new plant with the bio char;
    On established plants, it just looks unkempt

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