How to plant bamboo

Planting bamboo is easy, follow these steps and you will soon have a beautiful grove with thick canes and foliage. Please always use care and caution when working with tools.

Planting Supplies
You will need: Composted manure, knife or scissors, shovel, bamboo plant(s), and mulch.
Open Box
Extend bamboo from box. Use caution because bamboo can be much taller than the box.
Remove Plant
Lay box down, locate brace cane and gently pull bamboo from box.
Remove Wrapping
Use knife or scissors to remove all layers. Pull packaging from plant to expose root mass.
Dig your hole to plant the bamboo. Hole should be about twice the size of the bamboo.
Replace Soil
It is best to position the top of root ball at the soil level. Use composted manure mixed with original soil to bury.
Water Well
Water heavily to help remove any air pockets. Replace any top soil that has settled from the watering.
Fertilize pre-spring and in the fall for vibrant foliage and productive growth. Check our
fertilizer page for recommended products.