Bamboo Seeds

Bamboo is in the grass family, but unlike other grasses it flowers and seeds rarely. Depending on the species of bamboo of which there are over 1400 worldwide it flowers on intervals of 20 to over 100 years. Sorry, we do not have any bamboo seeds for sale.


The grove will often die during the seeding process which can last up to five years at a time. Some species as documented from Chinese records have never seeded and some have gone as long as 120 year intervals. When it does flower, it happens pretty much worldwide and does so within around 5 to 10 years. It is not a happy time because the plants put all of their energy into the flowering and most of the plants that flower die. The seed that is produced loses viability quickly. As a result, it’s not like you can go out and buy bamboo seeds like you purchase other plant seeds. If you do find a source for bamboo seeds, it will most likely be from China and is often  Phyllostachys Edulis ‘Moso’. This species is often in flower in different sections of China at any given time. The seeds are difficult to germinate and produce plants, so bamboo nurseries often plant thousands at a time to get just a few to sprout. They are also illegal to source seeds from outside of the United States

Buying / Importing Seeds

In force at this time, due to a Notice of Quarantine, 7 CFR § 319.34, importation into the United States of any variety of bamboo seed, bamboo plants or bamboo cuttings capable of propagation including all genera & species of Bambusea, is prohibited unless in accordance with the law relevant regulations.

Because there are few large plantings of bamboo in North America and seeds are rarely produced, they are nearly impossible to source domestically.

Growing Bamboo from Seed

Bamboo can be difficult to propagate, particularly from seeds. It is crucial for proper establishment that the plant have a viable root structure to support additional growth. We have perfected many methods in our 20 years of commercial bamboo sales and only provide quality plants to start your own bamboo grove or privacy screen. Please allow us a chance for our knowledge of bamboo to help you. Our bamboo is 100% grown in the USA and we dedicate our-self to outstanding customer satisfaction. Just give us a try like thousands of other bamboo growers have. You can order on this website, check out our  current inventory.

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