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Spectabilis planted by a customer in Texas

Pictures from one of our customers in San Antonio, Texas. We love to see pictures from our customers and hope that they will show our future customers what bamboo can do. It’s the fastest growing plant in the world, certified by the Guinness World Records. This is from year 1 to year two of Phyllostachys Aureosulcata ‘Spectabilis’. The new growth for this year is already starting to shoot. In about two weeks the growth should be even more impressive. 

Spectabilis just after being planted in these large wooden planter boxes.
spectabilis after two years
After just one year you can see vast growth, and this will be much more impressive in just a few weeks.

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Turtle Back Zoo

Today, we made our second delivery to the Turtle Back Zoo in East Orange, New Jersey. The exhibit is nearing completion and looking very impressive. The Zoo decided on a wide variety of species, some of them include: Black Bamboo, Giant Gray, Giant Leaf, Latifolius, and Green Onion Bamboo.

The bamboo was for the White-Handed Gibbon exhibit. There is an inside and outside habitat for the unique animals. The Gibbons have a very large outside play area that allows them to climb and swing, even on the bamboo. This is one of the reason they needed large bamboo to start with. Bamboo was used extensively in this exhibit to create a tropical and lush feeling. There was also Reeve’s Mutjac brought in to compliment the Gibbon exhibit. The mutjac have a bamboo house and are very elusive creatures, at least early in the morning.

It was a pleasure to get to work with the Zoo and the Shauger Group on this project. Here are some pictures we took while we were there.

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Fox News visits Lewis Bamboo

Fox News arranges a visit to our bamboo farm. Over the past 10 years, bamboo with its many uses has emerged as a giant marketing product in the U.S. This beautiful grass has been utilized for centuries worldwide.

The local Fox affiliate contacted us to do a story on our bamboo. It was a beautiful day and I needed a little more stress in my life, so I agreed. I had about two hours to clean up storm damage from the weekend and prepare 60 acres to look pretty enough to be on the news.

It is time to get wired up and ready to go. They filmed well after dark and then stayed around nearly an hour just socializing.

Here we are during the interview process. I am trying to cram all of the pertinent information about bamboo into a 10 min special. Needless to say, viewers may be more lost after the program than before. I just hope they make it fun. This is an exciting plant and I would love for it to get some great press.

The interviewer and cameraman was impressed with bamboo. The interviewer’s father actually grows bamboo and is fascinated with it. They were going to visit some of our local customers tomorrow to finish the program.

Hopefully, this will help to get the word of bamboo out in our local area. Most of our business comes from out of state. The majority in the Northeast. Bamboo has so many genera, species, and subspecies that you can find one perfect for almost everybody.

We enjoyed their visit which aired March 7 and 8th. 2007. The special turned out great and everyone said the bamboo was spectacular. We are already receiving inquires about visiting and planting this beautiful grass in their landscape. The story was featured on, however over the years it looks like it has been lost to website updates.