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Bamboo Shield is a diversion type control method with a smooth surface on the side facing your bamboo planting. It is made from HDPE, high-density polyethylene. Superior to metals because it will not rust and easier to install.
Plastic thinner or equal to 30 mil has been shown to crack when exposed to cold ground temps. Thickness greater than 30 mil does great at handling very cold temperatures (much colder than -15°F) without damage. Bamboo Shield has a better chance not cracking when frozen like other materials. Even concrete will freeze and crack over the years. Typical driveways are 4 to 6 thick to accommodate vehicles passage and parking. Seldom are driveways seen without cracks. Concrete was used many years ago ( Byron Agriculture Station in Byron, Georgia) as a below ground barrier system and was found to crack below the frost line allowing bamboo rhizomes to emerge through to the other side. One of the many myths of bamboo is its ability to crack solid concrete. While a clumping type bamboo may do this, given enough years, a running type bamboo just runs and does not usually apply the outward pressure of a clumping bamboo or hardwood tree. Bamboo is not magical, but persistent and its root system will eventually find cracks in concrete or rusted spots in metal and emerge through them. Bamboo Shield is a better choice for containing bamboo.
Bamboo roots typically travel in the first 12 inches of topsoil. Dependent upon climate zone, species, soil composition, and age of bamboo grove, some rhizomes can go a deeper. Therefore barrier is sold in 24″, 30″, and 36″ depths. Please check our application chart to see which size is right for you.

hdpe recycle

Bamboo Shield utilizes post-consumer recycled materials whenever available.